NO*Damkattens Persians

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About us

About us.

Arne and Gry lives in Risør, a beautifull little town by the ocean in the south of Norway. Arne is working off-shore, and Gry is the owner of a pet store, Risør For og utstyr, Labb og Snute, where there are NO animals :D The reason for that is that we love animals to much to have them in cages in a store :) The store have almost everything you will ever need for your pets, from combs and siccors, to safety wests. We have had animals like dogs, cats, fish, ginnypigs and birds all off our lives, so a life without animals is no alternative. We now have our cats, two dogs and a African Grey. We first started our breeding programs with Maine Coons, but over the years we have fallen more and more in love with the look, temper and personality of Persian and Exotic cats. We hope that we can be a part of the good work to keep this a fun, beautiful and healthy breed. We will mostly breed silver cats.

                            Gry                                            Arne

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