NO*Damkattens Persians

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I have graduated the G1 course organized by the PawAcademy of PawPeds

Welcome to NO*Damkattens homepages.

NO* Damkattens are placed in Risor, a little town south in Norway. Our cats lives among us in the house as pets, and kittens are used to dogs, children and normal "house-sounds" when they move to new homes.

We love to go to shows, but only with the cats who think its ok to participate. A show should be ok for the cats as well for the owners :)

Please contact us if you have questions about our breeds, kittens and cats :)

If you are having questions about any of the products we are selling at the store and on NRR-shows, please let us know, and feel free to visit the

web-store of Labb og Snute. 


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Pr. NO*Damkattens Hedvig, MCO ns22, got her second and third CAP, two NOM and one BIS on Agderkattens show 7 th. and 8 th. of Mars 2015.

   NO* Damkatten`s B-kull ble Best In Show på Adelkatten 11.12.2010!



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